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Lagos Island Economic Summit

About the SUMMIT


The Lagos Island Connect (LIC), established in 2019, is a network of NGOs comprising civil society organisations within the Lagos Island and its environs, namely Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Nigeria Network of NGOs (NNNGO), New Nigeria Foundation (NNF) Women’s Consortium of Nigeria (WOCON), Lagos State Youth Ambassadors, AIESEC, Freedom Park, CSR-in-Action, Vibrant Girls Development Initiative, Qamarh Foundation, Onikan Youth Association, Lagos Gist, etc. Its primary goals are to identify, tap and optimally harness the potential of the youth of Lagos Island in such a way as to strike a balance between the individual quality of life and their meaningful contribution to the community and the nation.

The LASG Office of the SDGs (OSDGs&I) and Investment is an initiative structured to not only facilitate the government’s contribution to the achievement of the SDGs, but to deliberately attempt to attract investments that are capable of achieving global development goals and that will positively impact on the lives of Lagosians.

Developing issues across the world have emphasised the implicit role that partnerships play in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. They are an essential approach to making any agenda a reality. Consequently, as part of the resounding strategy to strengthen the means of SDGs implementation, build and enhance partnerships with diverse stakeholders through coordinated policies, the Office of Sustainable Development Goals & Investment has partnered the Lagos Island Connect (LIC) to deliver some initiatives that will improve the socio-economic environment for the acceleration of inclusive growth in the State. The Office of the SDGs & Investment will be adopting the prospect of this partnership to accentuate its dedication to expanding sustainability concepts across all ages.

This partnership between the two bodies has birthed three comprehensive outreach programs that identify the immediate areas of intervention for local communities. These initiatives which are to be piloted on Lagos Island are focused on establishing a better lifestyle for the people.


This first Summit themed ‘Sustainable Youth Engagement and Development’, is the flagship of the Local Government Economic Summits Initiative seeking to address the challenges faced by Lagos Island youth with the aim of helping them lead quality lives and contribute meaningfully to the society. This Summit will, through expert contributions, look towards proffering sustainable solutions and not one-off solutions to the present difficulties.

Summit Programme: The discussions at the Summit will be tailored for entrepreneurs and professionals in the sector, who are looking to engage one another for economic advancement. Topical policy, strategic, technical, and social issues will be discussed. High-level public servants will actively participate to give insights into relevant government policy directions, plans & future goals.

People: At the Summit, delegates will meet international, national and local industry leaders, professionals, strategic decision-makers from across the country; youth, government representatives, business leaders, and CSO professionals; and 20+ speakers, 750 delegates, 30+ exhibitors, and 50 media personnel.

OVERALL Summit Objectives

1. To promote the 2km Rule initiative.

2. To encourage local production of goods, create employment opportunities and improve poverty reduction approaches.

3. To create synergy between corporate entities and communities, etc.

4. To promote shared prosperity, ownership, and security.

5. To stimulate the economy and strengthen the resilience of the local economy.

6. To bring about the restoration of values & ethics (bedrock for societal growth & development).

7. To encourage and provide local government communities with the avenues to engage with their leaders at the grassroots.

8.  To improve access, accelerate and strengthen youth empowerment programmes and prepare the youth to take up leadership roles and encourage them to support the SDGs.